Our Commitment

Our Commitment:

  1. 1. Organic: We promise to be on continuous research and development of new products, while meeting the standards of certified organic products.
  2. 2. Transparency: We believe that all cosmetics manufacturer should be clear at the time of appointing a “natural” or “organic” product. That is why we label the percentages of natural and organic ingredients in our products. Furthermore, we do not use any ingredient that is suspected of having some form of long-term risk to human health.
  3. 3. Safe: The ingredients we use are long-term safe for human health. Therefore, we only use natural ingredients and oils of vegetable origin that allow the total breathing of the skin and manage to transmit the powerful benefit of its properties. We comply with European Regulation 1223/2009 and evaluate the safety of all ingredients in our formulas.
  4. 4. Respect for your skin: Each skin is different, so we think about what https://dietitianlavleen.com/where-to-get-ambien/ each skin type needs and we look for extracts of plants and oils that we can combine to treat it in the best way.
  5. 5. Environment: Our ingredients are biodegradable and, of course, we are never going to test our products on animals, nor work with laboratories that have facilities for animal experimentation. We neither use ingredients from animal origin.
  6. 6. Animal Testing: Of course, we will never carry out tests of any kind on the product in animals and we will not work with laboratories that have animal experimentation facilities. We are certified by PETA.
  7. 7. Vegans: Our products are vegan, since we only use top materials of the plant kingdom: floral waters, plant extracts, roots and fruits, vegetable oils and essential oils.
  8. 8. Team: We believe in caring all members of our company. We all feel our workplace as a pleasant place where we treat each other with mutual respect and where all our employees feel comfortable.