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Our packaging: Recyclable and Safe.

Each package come from recycled or recyclable materials from sustainable sources to ensure the minimum environmental impact. In fact, our plastic containers are made of recyclable PET, PP and PE. (If you want to know more about plastic containers, click here.)
In addition, each of our containers is unique, since they all contain a different piece of wood, which gives the container an elegant and cozy feel, because when we are touching the wood, we get caught by that organic feeling of the real wood.
Our wood is biodegradable, as it does not contain any veneer and is made from recycled parts of the wood industry around the area. Valencia is a well known area in Spain in the furniture industry, so we have several agreements with different companies to make our packaging from their waste.
In addition, both wood and paperboard come from sustainable forests. (Certificados)

Labels: We bet on transparency.

We believe that all cosmetic manufacturers should be clear when it comes to naming a product «natural» and, above all, «organic». We label the percentages of natural and organic components in our products and list all the ingredients according to the concentration in the formula: from highest to lowest, including preservatives and allergens that can derive from the natural components of essential oils.

To name the ingredients we use the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) nomenclature, which is the international name given to the various cosmetic ingredients. This way, our ingredients can be recognized and easily identified all over the world